Each cask of our Single Malt and Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is crafted by hand here at Rademon Estate Distillery in the heart of County Down, Northern Ireland.

Brewed Here

Irish Whiskey is made from just 3 simple ingredients:




Our Whiskey making begins by mashing cereals with fresh, pure water drawn from our historic estate well.
For our Single Malt Irish Whiskey this means we use 100% malted barley, and for our Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey we use the unique Irish practice of using both malted barley and also raw barley. The cereals and water are mixed together to solubilise the starch in cereals, allowing us to extract the sugar rich liquid.

The Worts are then pumped into our Washbacks where our yeast is pitched. Over the space of a few days the yeast consumes all the sugar producing alcohol and carbon dioxide, along with other crucial flavour and aroma components known as congeners.

Once fermentation is complete, our Worts have become Wash. Wash is in effect a very strong beer, with a strength of approximately 8%ABV. Our mixture is now ready for distillation.

Distilled Here

From the Washback the wash is pumped into our Copper Pot Still ready for distillation.

The first distillation strips the alcohol and undesirable flavour, also known as ‘congeners’ from the Wash. The resulting product is known as Low Wines and has a strength of 24%ABV.

The second distillation known as the Spirit Run, combines the Low Wines from the first distillation and the Heads & Tails of the previous Spirit Run and Distils them once more in our copper pot stills.

Here our Head Distiller, David, carefully takes the Spirit Cut Points to collect the Pure Heart of the Spirit at 69%ABV.

Full of flavour and rich in aromas, the Hearts is then put forward for Casking.

Matured Here

As per traditional practice, our Single Malt Irish Whiskey and Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is matured in Wooden Casks and laid to rest for a minimum of 3 years and one day. Safely slumbering in our Cask Warehouse the Spirit and Wood combine to produce a beautifully rich aromatic and flavourful whiskey.

Made Here

Simply put, our Whiskey is made here; from beginning to end. Authentically and unapologetically, Shortcross.

Our first casks where filled in the summer of 2015. In late summer of 2019 those casks will be opened as mature, Single Malt Irish Whiskey.


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